Hello friends!

Matcha Bunny is a blog that will follow my personal journey from my humble beginnings as a casual food blogger and amateur home cook to something more in the restaurant industry. To do it, I started spending every Saturday as a staigiare in the kitchen of one of my favorite restaurants in the city from August 2013 through the end of that year. I didn’t know where that path would take me. A line cook, perhaps? Maybe a sous chef someday? Or even a professional food writer, photographer, or critic.

The more time I spent in the kitchen, the more I wanted to become part of it. So while everyone was making their new year resolutions, in January 2014 I decided to join the brigade as a line cook. I had never seen myself as the “starving artist” type, but I quit my lucrative office position and started as station lead on Pantry. By March, I was moved up to Charcuterie, the station I had had my heart on, and with unprecedented speed.

2015 was an even bigger year of changes than I had anticipated. The owners were selling the restaurant so we all went our separate ways — some followed Chef to his new restaurant while many of us looked for opportunities elsewhere. I ended up landing a position at a renowned restaurant that is part of a James Beard Award-winning Chef’s restaurant group. I started in February 2015 on a hot station – Plancha I.

The plan is to document my experiences as I try to find my place in the food world. There has been, and no doubt will be, many ups and downs. After all, the hours are long, I work late/holidays/weekends, and workplace casualties (cuts, burns, aching feet) are commonplace. But I have the honor of saying that I get to pursue my passion every single day.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of my friends and family members for supporting me as I embark on this major life trajectory. Career change is never an easy task, especially when they are as different as night and day. Thank you to those who have been in my (nonskid) shoes and offered fantastic advice and thank you to those who are simply here for the sake of friendship.

Let’s go.

MatchaBunny loves to read your comments. Leave them here!

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