Wednesday the 10th marked my one year anniversary at the restaurant. 365 days since I left the gastropub and embarked on my adventure in high end fine dining. 525,600 minutes of valuable experience learning new recipes, trying new techniques, and tasting new ingredients.

I felt mostly relieved when my conversations with Chef and the sous chefs to give my two weeks notice went well. It had been a long month of anxiously awaiting my official offer from the fast casual restaurant group and having to stay hush-hush. They completely understood where I was coming from – this is a large kitchen and it is incredibly difficult and competitive to get any upward movement. It would take at least another six months to one year just to get promoted from Line Cook to Lead Cook and even then, they hardly get to learn any of the business training nor get scheduled for the opening/”mid” shifts that I hope to get at my new venture.

Still, I’ve had a bad case of “graduation goggles” this past week or so. I mean, I practically hear Vitamin C’s voice singing “As we go on, we remember…” providing the soundtrack to my life as I walk through the kitchen at the end of yet another dinner service, as I work on some particular projects for the last time, and, especially, as I have conversations with the coworkers who have become my friends and home away from home for the past year. One of the sous chefs really hit the nail on the head when he said that this is a kitchen that I’m going to miss. On the bright side, all of the chefs gave me an open invitation to come back any time.

Eight days left.

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