Buyout Season

Wow it’s been a while since my last update. Sorry guys… it’s been hard to find time to blog when I’m also trying to job hunt.


Last week a major accounting firm bought out our restaurant for Friday and Saturday night. High rollers for sure. First off those are our two highest grossing nights (and thus the most expensive to book) and secondly, they needed two nights because there was no way we could accommodate all TWO THOUSAND of their employees at one time. We did, however, manage to feed one thousand hungry patrons each night and boy did this group eat! Friday night kicked our butts so badly we thought there was no way that Saturday’s group would be worse… Of course, we spoke too soon. The sheer amount of product we had to stock (and quickly demolished) was astounding… 95 pounds of sashimi grade tuna, 8 tins of caviar, thousands of shrimp, 200 pounds of flank steak, a dozen 5-foot-diameter paellas… and so much more. We were all exhausted by the end of Saturday night but also proud of our success.

The challenges will continue as we head into the holidays. This is buyout season for us, and it’ll culminate in another 1000 covers for New Year’s Eve. Bring it on!

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