Planning and Quick Update

Wow, I’ve neglected this poor blog for nearly a month! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks… all of our extra time and energy has been spent on nonstop wedding planning. After countless hours of online research, several site visits, and two bridal shows (in the same afternoon!), we finally have a date and venue! It is fun, exhausting, exciting, and nerve-wracking all at once. When we’re not at work, we’re making calls, meeting vendors for early morning coffee dates, scouring the web for ideas… On the bright side, we’ve been treated to a lot of free coffee with all these vendor consultations.

Planning a wedding is much more fun and interesting than the usual grind, so work days can be difficult when it comes time to leave and I end up forcing myself to set aside this yearlong “project,” switch gears, and return
to my day job.

It has been a lot better working on Cold now that I am more comfortable and familiar with the dishes. Still, last week I was scheduled to fill in on Plancha 2 (fish) for two days while one of the guys was on vacation, and apparently it was noticeable just how thrilled I was to be back on the Hot Line. Chef offhandedly mentioned that this was the perk of working as many stations as possible; you get to move around and fill in on people’s days off, mixing things up. I hope this means that she will keep rotating me from station to station so I won’t be stuck on Cold for too long!

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