Shiny New Shoes


The house feels so empty without the cats running around. My parents are cat sitting for us and they came to visit today to pick them up. On the bright side, they also dropped off my new work shoes. Yup, I’m finally replacing my first and only tattered pair of non slip shoes… the ones I’ve patched up with super glue more times than I can recall or care to admit. My dear friend once scolded me (out of love) about the importance of good shoes since my livelihood depends on my standing on my feet.

And the shoes? They’re awesome! Although today was an awkward combination of comfortable (this new pair is really well cushioned) and uncomfortable (after all, I am still breaking in new shoes, comfy or otherwise). Or maybe the pain was from standing on my feet at work for the eighth day in a row…

Man it’s been brutal. Copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull (and water to make up for the dehydration) are barely making an impact at this point. I’m excited to get this ninth and final day over with so I can take off on my vacation with Honey Bunny! Cheers!

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