Our Cat’s Ritual

Our younger cat (she’s 3 years old but I’ll always think of her as a kitten) loves to shower with me. She doesn’t like to go in the water for obvious reasons (like being a cat), but she will happily purr and roll around on the bathroom floor for the duration of my post-work shower. It has become our daily ritual and it’s so freaking cute.

Some days she is thwarted by our older cat, a grumpy 10 year old who will chase her off (his darn lawn) and try to claim our attention all to himself. On those days, she is visibly disappointed when I emerge fresh and clean from the shower. I think both of our cats have FOMO (fear of missing out).

But on most nights, like tonight, I walked into the bedroom to find her waiting for me, crouched behind the curtain on all four paws ready to spring into action. We made eye contact (that’s all it takes for her to understand that it’s shower time), and as soon as I rounded the corner toward the bathroom, she darted straight through the open door. Triumphant at her success, she immediately commenced kneading the bath mat, rubbing herself on my legs, and meowing cute little happy meows.

After crazy hectic nights of dealing with the dinner rush, it’s nice to come home to this adorable ritual. So fun fact Friday: I shower with our cat.

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