Work Hard, Play Hard


Today was the second of nine days I’ll be working in a row before Honey Bunny and I go on our vacation. I can’t wait to just get this extra long week over with!

Yesterday was stupidly busy for a Tuesday, with 200 covers and three 16-top parties. Luckily the parties were spaced out and we had one cook on “rounds” (meaning she went around helping out every station as the rush rippled through the kitchen). It mostly sucked that the last party was at 9:45pm and wanted to do the 20-course tasting menu (usually a many-hour affair) before our kitchen closed at 10:45. Needless to say, we all got a bit of overtime pay that night.

Quick recap back to the weekend though. On Sunday, Honey Bunny and I went to a bottle share where we ended up sampling 30 different craft beers. I was most excited about the one I brought; it was developed by Ferran Adria, the father of modernist cuisine. So cool!!! It was made to be paired with food and tasted clean and crisp like a good Chardonnay. I’m a huge fan.

After we had gotten home, I was surprised with an impromptu visit from my BFF! It’s always great to see him, and since he is an avid reader, I wanted to give him a quick shout-out.

Lastly, on Monday night, we took advantage of an expiring Groupon gifted to us by a friend and signed up for swing dance classes! Our first lesson went well… they taught us the basic steps and a few turns for lindy hop, east coast swing, and west coast swing. We are super excited about this new hobby and opportunity to try something new together (that surprisingly doesn’t involve food!).

Anyway, just working for the weekend (even though it’s still 7 days away…). Cheers!

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