Our Empathetic Cat

This week has felt pretty stressful. I ended up working 7 days in a row with Tuesday and Wednesday as my days off. Midweek weekends always feel weird since Honey Bunny still has to go work; it’s basically the same as any other day until 2 or 3pm when instead of getting ready for work, I’m grocery shopping or finalizing dinner plans for me and Honey Bunny. Then the worst part is coming back from my “weekend” and starting my week with our busiest nights – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Since my station partner is leaving for greener pastures soon, he’s been pushing me to get as much practice cooking as possible so I can really master the station, especially on the busy nights. We did about 375 covers tonight and I was exhausted by the time my shift was over. Sadly, I went home with a pretty bad headache that left me irritable and (probably) unpleasant to be around – sorry, Honey Bunny.

I lay in bed trying desperately to will the effects of ibuprofen to activate faster. Not even one second after I wiped a tear of frustration from my eye, our older cat hopped up onto my chest and plopped down. His inquisitive nose sniffed the saline on my fingers and he immediately launched into a barrage of rhythmic, soothing purrs. We’ve had him for five years (he’s 10 years old now) and he’s been amazing at not only detecting when I’m upset or sick but also actively trying to comfort me during my times of need.


Kitchen Life is a stressful one, and especially on days like today, I am so grateful for our empathetic cat.

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