History Lesson


Yesterday was a slow Thursday for us so Chef cut about 6 people before the day even started and gave a few more (myself included) the option of working a half day, 4 hour shift. Sure, money is a bit tight, but I was so stoked about getting to go home at 7pm and spend some unexpected quality time with Honey Bunny that I jumped at the opportunity. We ended up going out for dinner and a movie (yay Minions!) and had an awesome evening.

Today at our 4:30 meeting, R&D Chef finally gave a presentation, after months of us all trying to get the chance to pick his brain. It was a history of influential chefs and their impact on modern gastronomy, from Taillevent to Escoffier to Bocuse to Guerard to Robuchon to Adria, just to name a few. I found it absolutely fascinating and the whole time I was reminded of Sous Chef J who also was very knowledgeable about famous chefs and got me interested in places like noma and Arzak and El Bulli.


The best part was when he brought up Brillat-Savarin. I knew the name was familiar but I could not quite place it until he read the quote, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” Am I the only one who thought of the opening intro to the original Iron Chef TV show?

Service was intense. We only had 280 on the books but with a ton of last minute walk-ins, we ended up doing 350 or more. My partner is leaving soon for a job at a Michelin starred restaurant (so jealous!) so in the interest of getting me as familiar and confident on my station as possible before he leaves, he had me cook today, while he did the plating. It was ridiculous. Junior Sous J told me that he had to set up a second ticket rail in order to accommodate the influx of tickets. And my station still doesn’t have a working ticket monitor so we continued to keep track of our board the old school way, by memory and by “all-day” counts. So as you might imagine, it was a rough night. At least we survived!

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