Zen Bunny


I follow a blog called Bunny Buddhism on Facebook which often posts graphics featuring modified quotes about life, happiness (“bunniness”), and other words of wisdom. I thought this one was appropriate since I had a little bit of anxiety before coming in to work today. After Friday’s service, things never really got resolved between me and that kid. On Saturday I had my regular partner back (although it turned out that he was giving his two weeks notice to pursue another awesome opportunity). Plus, since it seemed like everyone in the city would rather BBQ, watch fireworks, or light illegal ones, it was slow at the restaurant and I got to go home around 9pm. Woot!

So despite having had two days off to recuperate, I was still seething from Friday’s conflict and was nervous because we would be working next to each other (though not directly working together). Would he try to apologize for being an ass? (He didn’t.) Would he bring it up and confront me about “being slow” again? (He didn’t.) Would he pretend like nothing happened and just move forward? (More or less.)

So today was largely uneventful and it turned out that I was feeling anxious for no reason. Hopefully this week will go smoothly.

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