Top Scallop

I’m still alive! Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks working 7 days then off for 2, 6 days then off for 1, 2 busy days and then I got a very, very rare 3 day weekend! Those are almost unheard of in my line of work, but I had requested Saturday off for Honey Bunny’s fundraising gala (which was a HUGE success by the way!) and they happened to give me my “usual” Sunday-Monday for the following week. So after the stress of planning, organizing, and executing such an awesome event, Honey Bunny and I wanted to unwind so we took a quick getaway to Vegas!

On Tuesday, I came back and found that I would be both teaching and learning. There’s a new guy on Plancha 1 so I had to show him the ropes while also learning Plancha 2 which will be my new station starting this week. This means I moved within 4 months of working here and I’m still on the Hot Line. All good signs. While Plancha 1 was frustrating at times because there’s no “flow” (people call it the random or “reheating” station since we’re searing off sous vide meat, sauteing vegetables, pan frying chicken wings, toasting bread, and baking eggs en cocotte), Plancha 2 is all seafood: sauteed shrimp, rossejat (which is basically a noodle paella), sauteed crab, grilled octopus, seared scallops, seared fish. The chaos of having to balance my time between teaching the new guy and learning everything I could on the other station left me exhausted!

On Wednesday, my station partner was there to float so I got to try my hand at focusing just on Plancha 2 while he paired up with the new guy on Plancha 1. It’s always difficult getting used to a new station, so I’m still at the stage where I feel like I’m too slow and hesitant. The confidence will come in time, they’ve told me. The scallops were a great seller that night… it reminded me of this gem from an old season of Top Chef:

Last night was just insanity. We had a buyout in one dining room for 80 people, a private party at the bar, and regular dinner service of about 250 covers. The buyout was having our tasting menu which meant we had to send out about 20 of each dish simultaneously. Running large parties like that when I’m new on the station left me feeling a bit overwhelmed and “deer caught in the headlights” from time to time. But the important thing is that we pushed through and it went as smoothly as it could.

We also got a cool special on our station (apparently it’s actually a throwback to an old dish we used to have on the menu): salt-grilled Norwegian lobsters! We only sold a few but hopefully it will ramp up now that Friday and Saturday are here. Wish me luck!

2015-06-11 21.13.08

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