Meeting Heroes


Wooooooo! I finally get a day off tomorrow! It’s been interesting working 6 days in a row (and 7 just before that) because I get to work with three very different dynamics: when we’re fully staffed, when we’re half-staffed on Sun & Mon, and when we’re half-staffed on Tues & Wed. Since we are such a huge kitchen, I like observing how the overall vibe and attitudes vary depending on which set or subset of people are scheduled to work.

Tonight was pretty hectic though. We were hosting a private foie gras event with 5 guest chefs for 75 people, an unrelated party of 25 out on the terrace, and regular dinner service of about 150 covers. We were all on edge because El Jefe was in town and we were all under his watchful eye. On top of it all, I started training on the other Plancha station as well!

One of the guest chefs is a chef-hero to me for her accomplishments in the industry. I was thrilled to get to meet her and it was awesome because there was so much foie left behind that I got to try her dish too. She runs a very small restaurant seeing no more than 40 covers a night and she likes it that way; “good things come in small packages,” she said. It was funny though because she came back at the end of the event to collect her belongings from my station’s cubby and she told me she was very drunk. Haha! It was just awesome seeing her so down to earth.

Throughout the night I heard the other guest chefs expressing awe and appreciation for our team. They all have much smaller restaurants and were impressed that we were able to juggle the event, the large group, and regular dinner service simultaneously. Just another Tuesday night really. And I saw jaws hit the floor when Chef casually mentioned that we do 500 covers on a busy night; it’s not easy to do the volume we do with the quality and complexity of our dishes! I’d like to think that this speaks to the caliber of the kitchen staff. ;)

Tonight’s service was one to be proud of and I’m glad that my week ended on a strong note.

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