My schedule is weird this week since I requested Saturday off to attend a big fundraising event that Honey Bunny has been planning for work. It was annoying though since the schedule was just posted yesterday and that’s when I found out I’d be working today (Wednesday and Saturday off). Ugh. Hopefully it will be slow since it’s no longer a holiday weekend.

Coming back on a Thursday is strange, but at least it gets me to hustle with prep for the busy days ahead. Plus, it was slower than it had been on Sunday and Monday (when I was working solo) so I got to go home early and get more much-needed rest. Friday and Saturday nights were busier though strange because I worked with different people each night while my usual station partner was on grill to cover for someone else.

Last night was interesting because my partner conveniently disappeared during the first (and busiest) rush leaving me to push through it by myself. The silver lining was that I saw Chef and the sous chefs took notice of how I was able to handle it on my own without panicking or falling behind. I had literally just cleared the board when my partner finally showed up. Sigh. Luckily the rest of the night was slower.

This week I’ll get to start training to transition to Plancha 2, the other front hot line station that handles our seafood dishes: sautéed shrimp, rossejat (basically a noodle-based paella), seared scallops, etc. I’m excited to finally get to learn a new station and more importantly to stay on the hot line. Woot!

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