Career Day


Thursday was a super long day starting bright and early at 8am at a middle school for Career Day. I thought it went fairly well, and it was fun to represent a recognizable occupation (i.e. there were many older men in business suits but the kids’ eyes lit up when they saw me in my chef’s coat and apron). Each of us spoke to 4 groups of kids who would rotate into our classroom; my first two sessions were great! The kids were engaged and asked thoughtful questions. But, since they are middle schoolers after all, their attention span waned by the third session and the final one was like pulling teeth to fill the awkward silence. Still, it was a fun experience!

I went in to work later that day and was thrilled to discover that one of the sous chefs used my extra chicken liver mousse terrine as the pate for banh mi sandwiches for family meal! SO GOOD. Totally made my long day more bearable.

Friday and Saturday night service were busy as expected. I was partnered with someone else since my station partner went out of town. He and I switched off so I cooked while he plated on Friday and he cooked today while I plated. It was nice since usually the guys I work with prefer to do the pan-slinging sautéing and such while leaving the finer, more delicate task of plating to me.

Anyway, I’m upset about the schedule this week because I’m working tomorrow and Monday. Seven days in a row already sucks but I felt especially shitty because Honey Bunny is off for 4 days for Memorial Day Weekend and I’m not off for ANY of them. :( Sigh. Can’t wait for Tuesday to get here…

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