Catching Up

I feel like I’m still catching up on sleep from last week… working basically six days, one of which was a double shift, takes its toll on you! On the bright side, Saturday’s presentation on pink salt went really well. I came in half an hour early to meet with Chef and go over my presentation with her. She had only good things to say, that I kept her engaged throughout my 10 minute speech, that I explained the science behind curing salts well without delving too far into the boring chemistry, and that I had an edible example. Everyone LOVED my chicken liver mousse! I had made two pyrex baking dishes so we are saving one to use as the pate on banh mi sandwiches for family meal tomorrow.

Yesterday and today were relatively easy. I think they scheduled extra staff because of how busy both Tuesday and Wednesday were last week, but this week’s numbers were not nearly as impressive. It was nice having extra pairs of hands around to help here and there.

I gotta get to bed though. My friend is a site coordinator for a local school district and asked me to volunteer for Career Day at one of his middle schools. Of course it starts at 8am. Oy. Time to go tell these kids to stay in school and don’t do drugs, as Honey Bunny so helpfully advised. :P

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