New Tricks


I was really excited for today’s paella workshop, despite having to wake up at an ungodly hour on my day off. We arrived bright and early at 9am, and it was a smaller turnout than I had expected for such a great opportunity. Just me, three other girls, a junior sous, and Chef. Still, they said that this was plenty of people so I went ahead and prepped my chicken liver mousse terrines on the side. Man I felt rusty! I had made hundreds of them and now I felt so out of practice. Still, they came out beautifully and are resting overnight in the walk-in now. Throwback Thursday indeed!

We made two paellas from start to finish and I took a lot of notes. Most of the morning was spent on knife cuts, cleaning seafood, and making sofrito. Lots of love goes into making a great sofrito, and we were learning from the best – one of El Jefe’s right hand men. It was awesome getting a hands-on learning experience with the small crew, and standing out in the loading dock area cooking paella as rain fell all around us is a memory I will not soon forget. Plus we got to eat our creations afterward and both were so freaking delicious.


I even got out with plenty of time to meet up with friends for dinner and sangria, a rare Thursday evening treat for me! The R&D Chef is teaching two different paellas tomorrow morning so I want to come in for that as well. Then I’m scheduled to work the opening shift, so it’s going to be a very, very long day but hopefully well worth it. After that I just have to push through Saturday and then I should get a proper weekend. Yay!

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