Collaborative Learning


Sorry for the lack of updates – this week has been painfully slow. I (and a few others) even got sent home early yesterday (Thursday evening at 8:30) because there was just no need for that many bodies in the kitchen when we only had 85 covers.

However, things picked up today and it was pretty busy. The only downside is how hangry I was getting by the end of the night because I hadn’t eaten dinner  (Fish Fridays in the cafeteria suck!).

But I have exciting news! Our kitchen prides itself on being a great teaching kitchen, and right around the time that I started, Chef decided to have the cooks give presentations to each other in order for all of us to get more familiar with the products we use daily (the focus was initially on hydrocolloids but others have done demonstrations on consomme, mushrooms, and more). I actually looked forward to the weekly presentations because we always learned something new.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Chef tried out a new dish of beef tongue carpaccio and mentioned that she didn’t like the color. I told her that next time she may want to consider adding pink salt to the brine the way I did to make the veal tongue terrine. The next day, she approached me again to ask about my tongue terrine… I was honored because I had never seen her consult a cook like that, only her sous chefs and her colleagues in the other kitchens.

So yesterday I told Chef that I would like to give a presentation on pink salt and asked if I could order a cheap protein like chicken livers or beef tongues to demonstrate. She smiled and said that I could order both if I wanted to. haha! I’m really excited to have a chance to show off my charcuterie background and talk about something that the rest of the kitchen seems relatively unfamiliar with.

My presentation is next Saturday so I have one week to prepare. Can’t wait! :)

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