Tough Cookies


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. There hasn’t really been anything worth reporting and it’s been so busy these last few days that I’ve been coming home from work exhausted and later than usual. We had 250 covers on the books on Wednesday. Every station went down hard at one point or another, but there were only so many extra pairs of hands to help out. Grill needed and received the most support – at the peak of the rush, I saw 3 people working that station. Not gonna lie, I was a bit jealous at the time; after all, I had a lot on my plate as well and could have used the help. But in retrospect, and from what some of the other guys told me, it’s a good sign that I didn’t get much assistance — it meant that they trust that I can handle it myself. One person doing 250 covers, however, is not at all the same as two people doing 500. Both are admittedly difficult but working as a team means that my station partner and I become greater than the sum of the parts, so to speak.

Anyway, in other news, some of the girls and I decided to start a fitness challenge. It’s one of those 30 day plans with increasing reps of certain exercises each day. To hold each other accountable, we’ve been recording ourselves and sending the videos by group txt. It makes me really happy that there are (relatively) so many girls in this kitchen, and all of these ladies are tough cookies!

Also, my health insurance kicks in tomorrow and my most recent paycheck deducted my very first 401k contribution. Yay benefits!!!

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