Long Week


This week felt both fast and slow at the same time. After the insanely busy dinner service last week, my station partner still wasn’t quite able to recover and I ended up with a ton of work to do when Tuesday came along. I hustled on Tuesday and Wednesday to get it done and things were looking a lot better by Friday just in time for a  (temporary) new partner to come on board. He’s worked almost every station during his three years or so here at the restaurant so he filled in for my station partner who went out of town for a well-known desert festival. It was a little nerve-wracking for me to work with a new partner and I could tell he was being awkward too since I’m fairly new and it seems he hasn’t warmed up to me yet. In any case, we pushed through two busy nights.

Since my station partner was still out of town, I had to fill in for him today (Sunday). Sundays suck for so many reasons. You’re working by yourself on a night that’s still technically part of the weekend (we did about 250 covers tonight), there’s so much prep to do in order to replenish the mise en place that got destroyed by Saturday, and, for me, it means working a 6th day in a row and giving up quality time with Honey Bunny on his day off. So needless to say, I was a bit cranky today and eager for the day to be over as soon as it began.

Also, it turns out that there has been a change in ownership which means that all of the hotel kitchens need to be re-licensed and are due for a health inspection. So on top of it all, we had to scrub down and deep clean our stations for a possible inspection tomorrow. At least everything is pretty legit here… no last minute scramble to get rid of or hide contraband items!

Anyway, I’m super excited to finally have my days off. Last weekend, Honey Bunny and I met up with my family at the fish market and spent the afternoon picking at steamed crab, sharing a pitcher of beer, and slurping oysters that I bought whole and shucked myself. And tomorrow, my parents are coming up to have dinner at the restaurant for my dad’s birthday. So exciting!


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