Shell Shocked

We got our butts kicked so hard tonight. But first, let me back up a bit. On Friday, one of the guys (a lead cook who is currently assigned to the grill station) is moving on to work the private dining room and asked to switch with me so he could be physically closer to where they work (immediately next to Plancha). That meant that I spent the evening on Grill, learning how to temp meat (especially important when it comes to our $100 tomahawk steaks!) and helping Grill Girl plate her dishes. I was nervous, and it seems that that nervousness is common among everyone in the kitchen when they try out a new station, but I had a lot of fun as well. I always love opportunities to learn something new. Maybe this will be my next station? :)

Tonight we had a fairly average number of reservations on the books for a Saturday, but what threw us all for a loop was a last minute 40-top birthday party. They sat at multiple tables and we were bombarded with the orders in waves. Our kitchen looked like a banquet hall with dozens of plates lined up and ready to go, assembly line style. One of the guys used a very appropriate phrase to describe how we felt watching our ticket boards rapidly fill with 7 of these and 10 of those and another 6 of this followed by 4 of that…. “shell shocked”. It was a rough push but we all rallied together and managed to get the food out. But boy was I in need of a drink after all that!

Cheers to the weekend!

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