Service To Remember

Days, weeks, months, maybe even years from now, I think we’ll still remember tonight’s dinner service as that one time we got slaughtered on a busy Saturday night handling 320 covers with half the staff. El Jefe was hosting a birthday celebration for a famous celebrity and took with him to the A-List party an entourage of about 40 — his R&D team that had traveled with him, our executive chef, all but one sous (including the two new junior sous), all but one lead cook, 6 or 7 of our line cooks, and another dozen or so bodies from the other hotel kitchen (including their executive and sous chefs). So we had to make do with what we had… some stations were deep in the weeds during prep and others were better off. I ended up working by myself for most of the night as the other Plancha station needed all the help he could get and my station partner (who was supposed to float on both plancha stations) spent just about all of his time there. It was fascinating to observe the pattern as each station got slammed in succession throughout the night — cold appetizers, snacks, back hot line, front hot line. But what was truly amazing is how hard we all fought back to dig ourselves out of the weeds. Some had help (I saw 4 people helping the girl on Snacks at one point) and some had to push harder… like I did. My station partner didn’t come over to give me a hand until I had made it to the last dish I needed to clear my board. We all felt a wave of relief as we overcame each rush and it made 11:45 come that much quicker. Tonight was easily one of the toughest battles I’ve fought in the trenches so far!

After such a crazy night, my mind was still racing and I couldn’t just go to sleep so I decided to be productive and type up the recipes and notes I had been jotting down in my notebook. I now have the beginnings of a wonderful recipe archive and eventually I’ll digitize the ones from the old kitchen too. Yay!

OK bedtime. Cheers!

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