Facing Challenges

So I’ve been taking yoga classes for a few weeks now, and even though it is a beginners class, on Monday we started doing half handstands (supported against a wall) in preparation for going straight into a full inversion, which might happen in just a few more sessions! A look of pure horror came over everyone’s face when we saw the teacher demonstrate how to climb up the wall with our feet while our hands stayed planted into the floor as our primary support. I was eager to try it but at the same time I was terrified of falling onto my head. I’ll have you know that in times of anxiety, your feet can and will sweat, not unlike getting moist palms of nervousness. My shoulders and upper arms still ache a bit but it is a constant reminder of my accomplishment. Even though I haven’t done a full handstand yet, that class made me feel like I am capable of doing anything and that confidence has flowed into other aspects of my life.

Tuesday is one of my solo days and I handled it without a hitch. I didn’t need anyone’s help to finish my prep and I managed to cross off every item on my prep list and then some. I even got to apply some skills from the old restaurant when Grill Girl found out that her rabbits arrived bone-in and needed help butchering the saddles (basically a bunny loin). Not many people in the kitchen have had much butchery experience so it was up to me and one of the Lead Cooks to guide her. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty awesome when the conversation went, “Wait a minute, you know how to butcher a rabbit?!” And when I identified the giblets (she had gotten the kidneys and liver confused). Service was slow but when I did have tickets on, it went smoothly.

Tomorrow I have to go in early for new hire training, more corporate-y stuff. On the bright side, it will be my first 9-5 day in over a year and I’m not scheduled to work dinner service afterwards so Honey Bunny and I can go out for a midweek dinner date! Woohoo!

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