Hump Day

Working Tuesday through Saturday means that my hump day doesn’t come until Thursday, and boy did it hit hard this week. As usual, I worked solo the past two days; we didn’t have many covers on the books but it felt busy because the reservations were all around the same time and the tickets came flooding in.

I came in today for the closing shift to find out that my station partner (and many of the other openers) was being sent home early at 7pm. We had just under 200 reservations so they felt that, despite the potential walk-ins, it was slow enough for most of us to handle it on our own. The news made me a bit nervous – I don’t like having to run the board, cook, plate, garnish, etc. all by myself with the added pressure of it being a Thursday night and the private dining room being open (we have a dish to pick up for them now, the final course of their 18-course menu).

What made matters worse was that my station partner had not yet started the harissa broth on our list even though I had already prepped out the mise en place for him the night before. It takes a long time to simmer and I was pretty upset that because of his poor planning, I’d have to finish and “drop” the stock in the middle of dinner service by myself. I didn’t have the heart to say anything about it but one of the Lead Cooks did.

But all in all, the night went well. I was steadily busy and while I hit a few rough patches, I didn’t “go down” too badly. I think it was a pretty steep learning curve to get thrown into a new restaurant and on the hot line for the first time on top of that, but I’m getting more comfortable and confident on my station. Hopefully the chefs recognize that too so I won’t get “stuck” on any one station for too long.

After what felt like an unusually long day, I came home feeling exhausted but happy. Bring it on, busiest nights of the week!

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