Interesting Reads

Just wanted to share an interesting read that came up on my facebook feed today. The Eater article is titled “Why America’s Best Restaurants Might Lose a Crucial Labor Source” and it’s all about the stagiaire. (link) The article definitely resonated with me because this is how I got my start. Giving up my Saturdays for four months to get hands-on, on-the-job learning was a small price to pay for the knowledge, networking, and (in my case) literally life-changing experience. It gave me a realistic “what you see is what you get” glimpse into an industry that is far different from the Food Network glamour when you get the chance to peek behind the curtain. And it gave me all of this without the crippling debt of culinary school, which would have been a huge barrier to entry to this entire field. (Seriously, even I don’t think I loved food so much that I would quit a well-paying office job just to drop dough on more student loans to later work at notoriously low wages… Kitchen Life won me over just by living it.)

But in more fun news, Eater also posted an article called The Trendy Restaurant Glossary (link). It pokes fun at restaurant concepts and other diner peeves about fancy restaurants. Usually these articles are obnoxious and one of the reasons why industry folks dislike food bloggers / Yelpers / self-proclaimed food snobs, but I laughed out loud at one of the terms on the glossary: small plates soliloquy. That is the exact reason why none of my friends have visited me at my new gig yet… it’s just so freaking expensive! With all of the tapas dishes running about $20 a pop, you’re going to easily spend $100-200 per person on dinner. That’s the price (haha) of working in fine-dining I guess.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Reads

  1. gracechi

    Hehe, you’re also a little far from where I am, Alice. =)

    We’ll make it out there one of these days!


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