Caviar and Pickles


Today was a fun day. Our restaurant had just switched purveyors for our caviar so the rep came in for a presentation and sampling session for the front and back of house. My station partner and I were too busy to sit down for the demo but Chef had assured us that whether or not we joined in on the meeting, there would be plenty for us to try. I really appreciate how they include all of the cooks in this process and emphasize the importance of tasting and understanding the ingredients we get to work with. And sure enough, we got to taste all three varieties. And not surprisingly, the most expensive was also the most delicious.


Service had its busy moments but we also had a decent amount of down time. The most exciting discovery was that Chef had been working on a pickling project in the back satellite kitchen and had leftover pickling liquid to share with anyone interested. My station partner triple blanched some garlic cloves for his experiment while I got to work slicing up carrots and daikon for banh mi style pickles. I didn’t realize how much I missed experimenting with and making pickles like when I was on Charcuterie. I felt happy and inspired and it was a refreshing change of pace. I also got to show the guys how to cut old school Vietnamese carrot flowers just like my dad does. Now that was fun! After seeing it, my station partner started looking for other vegetables that could also be cut into flowers. Haha!

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