Today marks my one month “monthiversary” here at the restaurant. It has had its ups and downs, as would any situation involving change. But overall, I am happy here and I’m especially excited that this is my first full-time experience on the Hot Line.

Saturday was rough; I couldn’t bring myself to write because I came home in a bad mood and spent some of my weekend stewing over the shitty service that ended my week. It was the busiest night we’d had all week and as a result, our station was under-prepped. I spent a good part of service scrambling to refill our mise and making some things on the fly so we wouldn’t run out. Since I was “offline” handling that, my partner went down from time to time because of the influx of tickets. It was a mess and I was frustrated because I never run my station like that. It was no one’s fault really but I went home feeling inadequate and annoyed that I had to wait two days before I could redeem myself.

Today went much better. I had a lot on my plate during prep so I was hustling to get it all done. Luckily there was a floater who helped me blend two of my purees. With the extra pair of hands, everything was finished by the time I went on break. Service was slow aside from two large parties that ordered multiple quantities of various menu items. Nothing I couldn’t handle. I felt much better about myself after tonight’s service, to be honest.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be even better.

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