Handling It

A few quick updates. It turns out that my surprise solo run was indeed a surprise as the guy who was supposed to work with me called in sick at the last minute. But at Thursday’s meeting, Chef mentioned that it was an unusually slow night (about 200 covers) and we had plenty of staff so she was not worried about us especially since “everyone of you can handle your station by yourself with this many covers.” She looked each of us in the eye as she said this, and I was thrilled that it included me as well.

My schedule this week was alternating between opening shifts (3pm-11:30pm) and closing shifts (4:30pm-1am). So on Thursday, there wasn’t a whole lot of prep left by the time I arrived; I diced eggplant and washed spinach while my station partner went on break. I spent most of the night cooking and was on my own again by around 9pm when our reservations dropped off and most of the “openers” were being sent home early while the closers stayed behind.

….. My thoughts got interrupted just now by the sight of our girl-cat dropping a toy mouse squarely onto Honey Bunny’s face. He didn’t seem pleased about being startled awake and by none other than an insult to his hunting prowess. Moving on…

Yesterday I was an opener, which I prefer for a few reasons. I’m still getting used to shifting the bulk of my free time to the morning/afternoon before work and I’ve found that I am ironically more productive on 3pm days. I like coming in early and leaving early. Traffic is better than it is later in the day. And I have control over the prep and setup.

By the time my station partner arrived, all he had to do was dice apples and make apple puree while I went on break. The staff meal in the cafeteria was some sort of shady looking fish dish so I opted for cereal instead. Probably weakened by the insufficient sustenance, I wasn’t really feeling up to the hustle and bustle of the line at first and volunteered to work in the satellite kitchen for the first part of service  to get ahead on the next day’s prep. After dicing 8 onions and grating 30 tomatoes for sofrito, I rejoined the line and my station partner and I pushed through about 350 covers.

I got out early enough to pick up Honey Bunny to go out for burgers and beer at one of our favorite bars before their kitchen closed. It was an impromptu late night date night and I was happy to have that extra time together.

Speaking of which, the new schedule was posted and I have Sunday and Monday off, plus mostly opening shifts next week. Score!

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