Valentine’s Day 2015

Every day at 4:30pm, we all stop what we are doing and gather by the pass for the daily powwow/pep talk/meeting led by Chef. I really like the concept, especially when working with such a large team. Anyway, today it was announced that we had 476 on the books and that it was the “two-top matrix” – all couples, all night long.

I’m getting the hang of setting up and prepping in the short amount of time between clocking in and the mandatory break, although today was difficult since we had extra work to do in order to be ready for one of our busiest nights of the year. Today was definitely one of those days where mandatory breaks baffle me; that’s half an hour I could have spent digging myself out of the weeds! I couldn’t even enjoy my break, I was so worried. But it all worked out in the end.

During service, my station partner and I switched duties periodically to keep things interesting and to give each of us practice with both the plating and the cooking aspects. I’m definitely faster at cooking which surprised me since this is my first hot line experience; my pan/burner management skills trump my meticulous plating which, while consistent and pretty, takes more time to perfect. This kitchen is all about speed – moving and working as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

It’s only been one week of this hot line experience but I can already feel that my hands are getting used to the heat. That came in handy on Friday when I accidentally sloshed a bit of hot pork jus onto my forearm. (Of course Chef walked in just in time to see it happen… it’s like they have sixth sense for things like that.) I smelled like pork fat and my arm was a bit red and splotchy for a while, but by the end of the night, I had zero signs of any burns or blisters.

Anyway, I’m still awake typing this post because I made the rookie mistake of drinking a redbull just a tad too late in the day. The biggest bummer is that I’m scheduled to work tomorrow as well (Monday and Tuesday are my days off this week). Oh well. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers!

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