The End of an Era


It still feels pretty surreal. Tonight, Sous Chef J, Meat Guy, Pastry Girl, and I bid our farewells to the restaurant. After a respectably busy service, a good one to end with at least, we hung out in the dining room for celebratory drinks. Panda joined us, along with some other familiar faces from past and present (like a few who didn’t work today but wanted to join in on the festivities).


At the end of the night, someone wrote on the specials board that the four of us were “86’d” as of tonight. It was super cute. When I left, walking through the kitchen one last time, it finally hit me. This is it. I snapped a few photos so that I would never forget what the view looks like walking into the first kitchen I’ve ever worked in.


I took this opportunity to announce on social media where I’m going next and I was bombarded with Facebook “likes” and well-wishes. Honey Bunny teased, “You’re trending, bro!” It made me so happy to see all the positive messages and support, from close friends to casual acquaintances alike! My heart swelled.

Perhaps appropriately, this song has been stuck in my head all day. They’re gonna miss me when I’m gone, but I’m gonna miss them too. Kitchen Life isn’t just work; it’s building a second family and a home away from home.

Here’s to the next step! (but first, some quality time with Honey Bunny.)

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