Moving Forward


It’s been a crazy couple of days… Friday and Saturday dinner services kicked our butts with over 300 covers each night. Pastry Girl summed it up well when she remarked that it has been so slow lately that when we do get slammed, it’s a shock and we all kinda suck from being out of practice. Exhausting.

At the end of the night on Saturday, however, the butterflies in my stomach were going nuts. I was planning how to break the news to Chef that I wouldn’t be going with him to his new restaurant. It felt like a breakup and I was starting to feel so nervous that I wanted to vomit.

I went upstairs to the office where I knew he was alone drafting up the new schedule  (probably the last!). I told him we need to talk, and he turned to look at me with the saddest puppy-dog expression on his face, as if he already knew that I had bad news for him. However, he really took it in stride and the conversation was quick and painless. I had been warned that he might try to guilt me into staying but he really seemed to respect my decision.

This is really happening.

(PS: pictured above is a delightful chocolate souffle from my lunch date today, catching up with a dear friend.)

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