Going For It

Okay guys, brace yourselves. On Tuesday afternoon, exactly 24 hours after my interview, I got a voice mail from the HR department of Fancy Restaurant’s hotel. I didn’t know until I had gotten home from work and I was so paranoid that they may have moved on since I missed their call. But with Honey Bunny’s support, I waited anxiously until morning to call back.

Then I heard the words I had been waiting for: we would like to present you with an offer.

I was floored that they acted so quickly. My mom thought it was a sign that I must have done really well at the interview. I think this is a confirmation that this new place is going to be a good fit, mutually.

I went in to do the pre-employment paperwork this morning and when the background check and drug test come back, they will let me know so I can give notice. This is really happening!!!

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