Vive La Foie!


Last Wednesday brought great news to California’s food scene – the ban on foie gras had been repealed! As soon as the same evening, the delicacy popped up on menus across the city, no doubt from restaurants that, like we did until not so long ago, continued to order the contraband long after June 2012. We had been trimming the proverbial fat in our inventory in anticipation of closing, so we had to wait a few days for our shipment. Once we put it on the menu though, it just flew right off the shelves!
Foie gras seems to be a controversial topic, but I thought this article from Serious Eats sums up the argument quite well. Regardless of how you feel about the fatty liver, it’s a worthwhile read.

Saturday was the busiest night we’d had in a long time, and none of us were quite prepared to handle that. We all got our butts kicked. Hard. Chef congratulated us all on a job well done at the end of the night.

Today was slow but I was glad for it because I had the gnarliest migraine for most of the afternoon and evening. I first felt the “aura” while assembling my salmon terrine and the full blown headache struck me just as service started. Luckily one of the guys had Excedrin and saved the day. I was feeling like death until it finally kicked in. After work, Honey Bunny and I went to pick up my favorite guilty pleasure comfort food (chow mein at Panda Express) and I felt much better.

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