Back to the Future


Yesterday morning I headed over to the new restaurant space to check out the renovation progress, picking up Sous Chef J on the way. It looks like a beautiful space but there is no doubt that commuting to this part of town to work a job with long, late hours is going to suck. Plus, Sous Chef J dropped a bomb on me a few days ago — he confided in me that he has received a job offer that includes more creative freedom and much higher pay… He hasn’t told anyone else yet but he knows this could affect my decision to go to the new restaurant.

I know I will be able to learn a lot from Chef and that in a smaller team, I’ll have more opportunities to learn and grow. However, I have yet to have the uncomfortable conversation about pay, and from the sounds of it, Chef wouldn’t be able to give me what I’d need to pay the bills even though he’s been saying “We’ll work something out.”

Meat Guy and Pastry Girl seem to be in a panic as we are all coming down to the wire. It was slow during service yesterday and I could see that Meat Guy was browsing craigslist. That’s when he casually informed me that the knows the chef du cuisine at a restaurant owned by a prominent James Beard Award winning chef, one of many in a corporate restaurant group (think Gordon Ramsay’s empire but not GR himself). He said that if I was interested, he could put in a good word for me. Why not give it a shot? So I stayed up till 2am revising my resume to make it relevant to the restaurant industry and sent off my application.

We’ll see what happens at the end of the month, but rest assured, I intend to continue following my culinary passion. I just don’t know where yet.

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