Date Night


Happy 2015! The days following New Year’s Day have been fairly slow. People seem to be winding down from the holidays and getting back into normal routine, as are we.

Saturday truly marked the end of an era — we had to 86 our charcuterie boards that day! So now my station just has a la carte terrines until we run out of our existing inventory. The only exception is chicken liver mousse, which I’ll continue to make until our last day.

Yesterday there was so little prep that we didn’t have to come in until 2pm. Service was also slow with only 14 on the books but that just meant that I had plenty of time to make something nice for my parents who were coming in for date night. They looked so cute and I was so excited for them to try “my” food. I could see them from the pass and I noticed that my dad had dressed up in one of his suits. So sweet!

I sent them a mixed board with two terrines (chicken liver mousse and smoked salmon), salmon poke with gooseberry salsa, and freshly shucked kusshi oysters. A few minutes after it arrived at their table, I went out to say hi. Their eyes lit up and my mom wanted to make sure we got a family photo. I’m so grateful for their love and support, and I told all of the guys in the kitchen that my parents were here. The server marked their entree ticket as “VIP” and the guys made sure that their wellington and lobster capellini were soigne. I went out to say hi again while they enjoyed their dessert of doughnut and ice cream trio, and there was plenty of hugs all around. It was a wonderful way to start my week!

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