Fan Club


On Thursday night, one of the servers walked into the kitchen to tell me that a group of people had ordered a Henry VIII charcuterie platter and name-dropped me. I didn’t recognize the name of the guest until I recalled a message I had read on Instagram from a follower who had mentioned that he and his fellow foodie friends would be dining with us that night. (So of course, I only knew them by their instagram handles.) It was fun meeting them in person and I felt like a minor celebrity. (I later saw that they posted pictures of my dishes on Instagram and mentioned that it was “really cool” that I came out to see them!)

I got my time to shine again the next day (Friday) when an old acquaintance unexpectedly decided to bring his colleagues in for a holiday dinner. A different server told me about this table and again, I didn’t recognize the name. I also got swamped with tickets, sending out five charcuterie boards back to back. But at the end of the night, the server came back and said they were still there if I wanted to say hi. I was curious (the name was bugging me all night!) so I followed him out into the dining room. He told me along the way that he wish Chef understood how much customers love it when chefs come out to greet guests at their table (“he might have a larger fan club,” he added). As soon as I saw the face I was so surprised. He was one of my clients when I worked my old office job!!! They seemed to have a really good time and seeing that reminded me of why I love my job – I get to make people happy by creating good food.

They asked me where I was headed after the restaurant closes and I said I was considering Chef’s new project. They seemed eager to see where I end up next, and I’m just excited to be building a small following outside of my friends and family (my OG fan club… love you all!).

It’s not all sunny over here though. I am still sick (common cold, methinks). Honey Bunny laughed when I told him about how dissatisfied I was with the shitty tasting cough drops I bought and he laughed even harder when I told him about my minutes-long internal debate at VONS. There I stood in the cold medicine aisle, trying to choose between my old reliable Ricola ($1.99) and the generic “honey lemon herb menthol” drops that were on sale for $0.99. I decided to save that dollar because hey – the struggle is real, guys. Huge mistake.

Oh well… I’m just glad my weekend is finally here and I can try to recuperate. Stay warm, friends!

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