Smooth Sailing


Yesterday the restaurant was bought out for a company holiday party, so we had a skeleton staff working in the kitchen (just 5 of us, plus Chef). I actually preferred it; we each were assigned our responsibilities and then got straight to work. We were done by 4 and the guests weren’t due to arrive until 7pm. (Luckily I took that opportunity to catch up on some normal prep since apparently nothing got done on my days off!!!)

Once the dining room filled up, we ran through the passed hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, main dishes for the buffet, and finally the full sized sticky toffee pudding dessert. It was the smoothest service we’d ever had, with hardly any stress or yelling.

Chef reminded me that this smaller, tighter team is going to be similar to how the new restaurant’s kitchen will be structured. Something to think about…

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