Yesterday morning I decided to brave the crosstown drive to pick up Sous Chef J and visit the new restaurant space. Honey Bunny and I had dined at the former restaurant once so it was really interesting to see how the space has transformed. Last night I had sent Chef an (admittedly long-winded) email regarding my concerns about going to the new restaurant, and being able to actually see the space, it was easier to understand his vision and where I fit in. He told me that he and Sous Chef J both feel that I have a lot of potential and he thinks that this new concept (and smaller, tighter team) will be and great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a chef.

After we left, Sous Chef J told me that if I decided to go, he would want to give me more responsibilities and training. He would assign people to work under me and teach me how to manage a kitchen, from ordering ingredients to delegating tasks. I would kind of be a sous chef’s sous. This makes a big difference and just might entice me to go, provided Chef can help offset the costs of commuting, gas, parking, etc.

Just a quick update on the whole “OMG the restaurant is closing, what am I going to do” front.

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