Twenty Turkeys

Just a quick word before I go to work. Thanksgiving prep is well underway at the restaurant. Our walk-in is packed to the brim with over 50 rib roasts, 20 turkeys, 8 bushels of oysters, filling for 30 pies, pounds and pounds of peeled and chopped carrots, bin after bin of trimmed brussels sprouts… even my station is packed with all the fixins’ for those Henry VIII platters and five full chicken mousse terrines for the buffet line. Today I’ll be spending most of my day on the slicer — we have half a leg of prosciutto and four varieties of salumi to slice! On the bright side, I’ve gotten most of my prep done already since I had come in early yesterday and Saturday (10am!) to squeeze in extra oven time. Today the scramble throughout the rest of the kitchen begins!

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