Week 43: Party Time


Sorry I haven’t written much this week. My mind has been preoccupied with the whole restaurant-being-sold thing and there hasn’t been anything particularly noteworthy to write about otherwise. This week, for the first time in a long time, the monthly calendar was posted on the wall next to our work schedule. The calendar is like a page from a secretary’s planner, and it only comes out when we have so many upcoming parties that it becomes mandatory that we plan ahead for them. People love booking out our patio and private dining room for holiday parties, so tis the season!

Friday and Saturday nights both hit us with at least 300 covers a night and many of those were large groups that (of course) wanted all of their food at the same time. Friday kicked my butt when a 30-top ordered 8 salumi plates to go with Pantry’s salads… and then three charcuterie boards checked in immediately after. And Saturday just felt exceptionally long since I had the Late Night shift. On the bright side, Meat Guy made us burgers since neither of us ate family meal that day, and Pastry Girl and I were able to chat between the few, sporadic tickets.

On Sunday, we had friends over for a chill party (and tea tasting… that’s a whole other story). What I had not expected was that everyone brought up the news of the restaurant closure and asked me what I planned to do about it. They certainly meant well… many of them expressed that they were my “loyal followers” and would dine at whatever restaurant I go to next. That was sweet. But at the same time, it also raised my stress levels a bit as the idea becomes more and more real. I’m taking Pastry Girl’s advice and making a pro/con list (How I Met Your Mother fans, anyone?), and most importantly, I’m talking it out with friends and family both in and out of the industry to get feedback. Everything will work out, I’m sure, but before that can happen, some difficult decisions will have to be made.

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