Doubling Up


There was a scheduling conflict this week with both Chef and Sous Chef S needing yesterday off, so they had Sous Chef J run the pass and asked me to pull double duty, manning both Pastry and Charcuterie. It was an exhausting day!

Luckily there wasn’t too much to do on Charcuterie so I could focus on Pastry. Yesterday went much more smoothly with zero mishaps. I made sticky toffee pudding batter, ciabatta, vanilla ice cream base, pizza dough, and I baked a tray each of table bread and toffee pudding. Pictured above are the silicone molds for the chocolate marquise which I was brushing with a coat of melted bittersweet chocolate for the “shell.” Simultaneously, I also poached potato slices for a salmon terrine, sliced some chili rings, and broke down and trimmed a 15 kilo leg of prosciutto di parma. At 4, I scrubbed down and set up both stations. During service, I mostly focused on desserts and firing chicken pot pies and beef wellingtons. Charcuterie tickets were sparse but when they came in, Sassy Stage, Sous Chef J, Pizza Guy J, and I switched off taking care of them, depending on who was free at the time. Thankfully we switched to the Late Night menu early, which meant that the last regular dinner tables (ones that still had the opportunity to order desserts) were finished by 10 or so.

It was already a lot of work for one person to handle, but what I had forgotten to mention was my… physical handicaps. On Sunday, Honey Bunny and I saved two seagulls that were injured and trying desperately to cross the street. I saw the back tire of a car in front of us drive right over the wing of one of the birds and that’s when I knew we had to help them. Anyway, after ushering them off the busy thoroughfare, we got one into a box while I held the other one by its wings and the bastard bit me! I still don’t regret helping them, but now my shoulder aches from the tetanus shot I received and my stomach hurts from the 10 day course of antibiotics I was prescribed. Try lifting 50 lb bags of flour with THAT!

Anyway, it’s back to the normal schedule for the rest of the week (just charcuterie for me), although my Late Night shift was switched to Saturday night instead of tonight. We have three parties booked for tonight (56 people total) so it should be a good one.

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