Week 42: Typhoid Mary


I’ve managed to evade flu season for about two years or so, but it seems I’ve fallen victim to its evil clutches this time. Pastry Girl came back yesterday  (Friday) and was quite sick… and today, at least a few of us (myself included) started showing symptoms. I had teased her about being Typhoid Mary until we realized that the flu or common cold would take a few days to incubate and thus, someone else in the kitchen must be Patient Zero. It was concluded that it had to be Chef — he spends the most time away from the kitchen at events, shaking hands and meeting people, and he’s also the most stubborn and would sooner infect us all than take a sick day. Sigh.

During service yesterday and today, I made some herbal tea for me and Pastry Girl – my mom’s recipe of lemon, ginger, and honey. It really hit the spot, and if nothing else, it reminded me of when I’d get sick as a child and my parents would take care of me.

Anywho, Friday was Halloween and it seemed like everyone was out partying instead of having dinner at a place like ours. Well, everyone except for Honey Bunny, who came to the restaurant for dinner with his friend. With only 22 on the books, I had plenty of time to make a special plate of charcuterie items for him.


We agreed to come in at 12:30 today so I was able to get lunch with Honey Bunny. With the heavy rain the night before, it was definitely soup and tea time. And then when I arrived at the restaurant to discover multiple people starting to feel under the weather, it turned out that I wasn’t the only person to notice. Honey Badger spent the first part of his day making chicken soup with crispy fried tortilla strips for everyone. I was ecstatic!


Tonight was considerably busier with over 160 on the books, about 100 of which were all scheduled within an hour (from 7pm to 8pm) and multiple large groups and parties. Normally I’d be thrilled to see us so busy but as the night progressed, I felt myself feeling crappier and crappier. Sore joints, itchy throat, headache, and perhaps worst of all, nothing tasted quite right. By the end of the night, I was so ready to go home!!! Thank goodness the weekend is here!

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