Week 41: The Life


We’re back in business – tonight was okay but man was Friday night busy!!! It is a huge relief to see these 300-400 cover nights again. We all much prefer the kind of tiredness that comes from an intense dinner rush than the fatigue we had been feeling from trying to keep busy and pass the time.

We had a few new people join us this week – there’s a girl who had briefly staged with us previously who is now working on Hot-Apps (let’s call her Hot-Apps Girl for now) and a guy who was working in Chef’s other restaurant and is now on Pantry a few days a week (I’ll come up with a nickname as we get to know him better…). Not gonna lie, I initially felt a bit slighted that Chef put that new girl on Hot-Apps instead of me, but she does seem to have more experience working on the Line than I do. Instead, I focused my energy on the new terrine I made and some cool garnishes. I was working with some shiitake mushrooms which I’ll be serving with the country pate, and in retrospect, I think it’s pretty cool that I’ve built up enough experience to get to this point where I can say that I casually improvised a pickling liquid resembling a homemade cider vinegar. I sampled the quick-pickle after only 10 minutes and it already tasted pretty darn good (though harsh) so I can’t wait to see how the flavors develop and mellow out over the next day or two.

I read an article tonight titled “Dear Chefs, This Is For You” and I thought it was inspiring. I needed a bit of reassurance that this life I’ve chosen is worth the sacrifices, so the “letter” really struck a chord. They said it would also be a good read for friends and family of those living the Kitchen Life, so here it is if you’d like to check it out. Dear Chefs

Regardless, I’m pretty excited that my weekend is finally here and that I get to spend both days with Honey Bunny! Next week will be interesting – with Chef gone at some events and Pastry Girl and Meat Guy taking the week off to move, the schedule looks super funky. Perhaps most notable is that I will be pulling a double shift of sorts on Thursday, covering both Charcuterie and Pastry. Good times..? :)

(Oh, and WordPress just informed me that this is my 200th post here on Matcha Bunny. Thank you for following me on this journey even though I know that some of you do your reading in unconventional locales… not naming any names here.)

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