Oh What A Night


Five days. I watched the Jersey Boys movie on my day off on Monday and that song about December 1963 has been stuck in my head for five days. It’s a great song but man… five days is a long time! It came on the radio yesterday (I think it was Meat Guy’s playlist) and I was thrilled. It must have been an amusing sight to see a bunch of 20-somethings jamming to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Wednesday was a long one since I had Late Night. It was surprisingly productive as well; Sous Chef J did some deep cleaning on Pantry while I got a head start on prep. I knew I’d have a lot of work to do the next day but I still wanted to come in at noon like everyone else so I took advantage of that extra time in the kitchen.

Yesterday was a busy busy prep day for me. First I did a batch of happy hour chicken mousse jars as quickly as I could. Then I moved on to the bulk of my day: I lined three terrine molds with sliced house cured lardo and filled them with the pate de campagna I had marinated. At 3pm I tackled my last task – a smoked salmon terrine.

Service was steadily busy, which was a relief since we started the day with only 44 on the book. But then something bad happened. Reality Show Guy came running into the kitchen and was followed by a very disgruntled older couple. We pieced together that he had gone outside and peed on the bush that lines their property… WTF. His excuse was that the bathroom was occupied and he was desperate, but the worst part was that he just kept making excuses instead of apologizing. Chef sent him home at that moment and I helped Sassy Stage for the rest of the night since he was now by himself on Pantry.

Oh what a night!

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