Week 40: Man Down


Tonight was crazy. In addition to having a 50-top party with passed hors d’oeuvres and a pizza “buffet,” we ended up doing about 350 covers while seriously understaffed. Mophead was originally on the schedule to work today before he dropped the bomb on us and announced that he was moving home, and then on top of that, Charcuterie Guy was a no-show. Rumor has it that he might be in jail… or a drunk tank… or unceremoniously quit by simply not showing up. Who knows. But we seriously felt the need for just one more person to help out, especially when Sous Chef S was called to the Hot Line to bail out the Fish and Hot-Apps stations, leaving me tasked with plating up 50 servings of sliders, caprese skewers, mushroom tarts, and shrimp cakes by myself in between working service, digging out Pantry from the weeds, and giving Pizza Guy K a hand. It was a refreshing change though; I had missed this sort of chaos and I’m glad that the busy season seems to be upon us now.

At the end of the night, Chef declared that the Pantry Boys (Sassy Stage and Reality Show Guy) had 8 minutes to break down and clean their station, even though they still had one ticket left. They were doing okay but then Reality Show Guy knocked over some things on his way out of the dish pit but kept moving. “What are you doing? Pick up your mess!” we all exclaimed, having heard the loud clatter. He was in a panic. “I can’t put stuff away, clean, AND make a tomato salad in just 3 minutes!” he shouted. I had to walk away at this point because he looked like he was about to cry and I was going to burst out laughing. I felt bad for the kid but as Pastry Girl so eloquently phrased it, he was acting like a little bitch. In the end, Sassy Stage launched into beast mode – soap everywhere, towels flying – and when the timer went off, he had a triumphant smile on his face. Chef inspected his work and gave him a hard time about the streaks and missing a spot here or there, but ultimately, he did it! Meanwhile Reality Show Guy was nowhere to be found until we saw him sneak out to the bar to clock out. I think he left through the front door too because I didn’t see him after that.

Chef gave us all high fives for hustling and getting shit done despite the obstacles. I’m just glad that my weekend is finally here and I can get wasted tomorrow at Oktoberfest. Prost!

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