Tuna Party


Yesterday was a rough day. With over 100 on the books plus a 50-top party and another 50-top today, we had to come in at the normal time to get a head start on prep. Coffee was critical.

We were scrambling to finish up before 5pm… well, most of us. Reality Show Guy comes in at 3 but is less than useless for whatever reason. He just didn’t seem to be “here” which is especially difficult on a busy night when we’re counting on him to step up. It’s his second week with us and we are not his first kitchen, so I have no idea what his problem was. During happy hour, he watched as a ticket stayed on his rail for 7 minutes before he finally decided, “Hey, maybe I should make this…”

So I ended up helping Pantry a lot since it was otherwise just Sous Chef J and Meat Guy. This included blanching their seaweed during service so they would have it for plating oysters, and then working in the walk-in with Meat Guy to set up some orders of the old-school tuna tartare dish (with the pickled cucumbers, avocado mousse, and fried piquillo pepper).

No one had time to make a proper family meal so someone just boiled up hotdogs. I didn’t want it, and I could feel myself becoming increasingly hangry (hungry + angry) as the night progressed. At some point, it slowed a bit and I was able to throw together some chicken liver mousse on toast. I had hoped that my frustration with Reality Show Guy was “not him, just me” but it did not subside after my snack. In fact, I could see that Sous Chef J, who is amazingly even-tempered, was reaching his breaking point as well.

By the end of the night, we were all  exhausted and I for one just wanted to go home. It was aggravating that Honey Badger was assigned to the Late Night shift but refused to send out any dishes until he had finished breaking down his station. It was already 10:30 at the time, yet I still did the charcuterie dishes for him and put them in the window, frustrated that the ungrateful mofo never uttered a word of thanks or recognition. I would have been happy to help had Honey Badger ASKED, but he just ignored the tickets hoping the problem would go away. Still, karma worked itself out; Front of House Owner came storming in to demand that whoever is in charge of Late Night send out the missing dishes ASAP.

I was eager to get outta there, and on my way home, I picked up soup for myself and for Honey Bunny, who was having a rough day of his own. Thank goodness today is my Friday; they’re really making me work hard for my weekend!

One positive highlight from yesterday – during prep, Edwin Starr’s 70s hit “War” played on someone’s playlist, and Charcuterie Guy came over to groove with me, recreating the scene from Rush Hour with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. I laughed so freaking hard! :)

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