Fresh Meat


Yesterday, as I had hinted in my previous post, we had a new kid join us. He was the winner of the reality TV show that Chef was invited to host for MTV. (The show was horrible even for me and I’ve watched my fair share of other reality shows like ANTM, Project Runway, Hell’s Kitchen, Real World, etc.) Let’s call him Reality Show Guy.

I’m not sure what I expected from the kid who ended up besting his competition… especially since they weren’t so stellar to begin with. He seems genuinely interested in learning and picked up some of the salads on Pantry pretty quickly. He was, however, primarily taught by Sassy Stage who mixed in extra details like ordering, running the board, ticket times, etc. despite my and the sous chefs’ insistence that he run the board and delegate dishes to Reality Show Guy. Sigh. Poor kid admitted to feeling overwhelmed, which reminded me of when I first started.

Still, it’s nice to have some fresh meat in the kitchen and hopefully this will give me my opportunity to move on to Hot-Apps soon!

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