New Fork


Yesterday morning started off with breakfast with my long-distance BFF who happened to be in town for a half-ironman. It’s always great to catch up with him so I was glad we didn’t have to come in until 12:30.

Sous Chef J and I have been experimenting with making vinegar using dried fruit and a whey-based starter. He was successful in fermenting a nice cherry vinegar a few weeks ago and today we checked on mine: dried apricot. The fruit itself had plumped up considerably and it tasted a lot like Asian salty pickled plums but with a firm, almost crunchy texture. Pretty cool. The vinegar still has a few more days to go. I’ll be honest though, tasting these fermentation projects always makes me a tad nervous. Good thing I have a strong stomach! haha

Panda gave me some good advice during service. I told him that I had been checking the new schedule every week for about 3 weeks now, and it’s a little disappointing that I’m still not getting shifts on the Line. He said that it’s probably just hard to find time to train me and likewise to teach charcuterie to whomever takes over (presumably Sassy Stage). He recommended spending time in the Hot-Apps corner whenever I get the chance so yesterday that was exactly what I did.

New Fish Guy was on Hot-Apps alone so when I didn’t have any tickets on, I went over to give him a hand. He seemed happy for the help and was willing to teach me how he likes to do things (everyone seems to have a different method). Together we got a lot of dishes banged out and I got to use my new pasta fork for the first time!

Chef seemed proud of me for stepping in and trying to be proactive. Before he left, I showed him my new addition to my knife kit (it’s this one: ) and eventually I admitted that I had a hell of a time trying to buy it online because it’s really a meat/carving fork… only industry people repurpose it for plating pasta. He laughed so hard and said it was the funniest thing he’d heard in a long time. I also told him that now I know those stupid looking ladles with prongs on the ends are what’s known as “pasta forks” and we had a good laugh over that as well.

I guess I just have to be patient and have faith that my time will come. Hopefully on next week’s schedule!

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