Soup Weather


Just kidding. It’s been hot as hell these past few days, making it oh so difficult to focus. Thankfully my prep list has been quite light. Today I literally just had to bake a batch of happy hour chicken liver mousse jars. Having come in at 12:30, I was done and helping to fold tortellini by 2pm.

Since I had so little to do, it was inevitable that I’d have to make family meal. I love to cook but I don’t like to decide what other people eat. It’s difficult enough when it’s just me and Honey Bunny! I asked Panda for advice and he said to just make whatever I felt like eating.

Ironically, he later came up to my station to ask me what I planned to make. I told him I wanted to roast off some vegetables and make a warm pasta salad. He crinkled his nose and said that he wanted to do something different. It was frustrating but I took the path of least resistance and just helped him execute his plan to make chicken salad and biscuits. We talked it over later and he apologized for the hypocrisy. I think it was also the heat making me extra irritable.

We have all been picking up extra slack this week because sadly, Sous Chef S found out that his grandmother passed away so he flew home to spend time with family. Tomorrow especially will be rough since just about everyone works on Saturdays. We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, I titled this post Soup Weather because I stopped by to pick up pho on my way home from work. That way I can enjoy it in the comfort of my own home and, perhaps most importantly, with my favorite hoisin sauce and copious amounts of sriracha. And it tastes so freaking satisfying right now. (I didn’t post a picture because I inhaled it before I could take one.)

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