Kneading Time


Since our Robotcoupe is still broken, making pasta dough balls is a pain in the butt. It was (sadly) slow during service so Sous Chef J and I borrowed Pastry Girl’s room to make pasta. The measured flour, semolina, eggs, and egg yolk goes into the industrial mixer, far more sophisticated than the little egg-in-a-well method I use for small batches at home. After it has mixed together for a few minutes, we dump the crumbly dough onto the worktable and knead. Knead knead knead. My wrists have never felt so weak. The dough was tough and gave a lot of resistance, despite putting all of my weight into it. That dough got 10 minutes of hand kneading by yours truly, and man did my arms get a workout. Yay for being productive!

In other news, Panda (Fish Guy) gave notice that he would be leaving… again. This time, he already signed the paperwork so there is no turning back. :( There was an awkward vibe in the kitchen after he had spoken to Chef; I think some people (namely Sous Chef J) felt betrayed that he didn’t tell them first. Sigh. I’m gonna miss him and it’s always weird to see people go.

But change is good, right? Panda mentioned that I have a good thing going here right now, and with him gone, everyone will have an opportunity to shift up in the ranks a bit (most importantly, securing me the opportunity to get on the Hot Line). I had been getting anxious; after all, Chef still hasn’t scheduled me for any shifts on Hot-Apps… I think it’s partially reluctance to train someone new on Charcuterie. There aren’t many “eligible candidates” so to speak that would be able to replace me on my station so I could move on. Plus, Hot-Apps is arguably the busiest station and Chef might be nervous about having someone new (me) there as well. Still, I’m hanging in there. Hopefully things will change when the new schedule is posted tomorrow!

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