You Deserve to Love Your Job

After an especially long day at work (nobody likes working the Late Night shift), I came home and found a pleasant surprise in my email inbox. Earlier today, one of the guys at my old office had messaged me to ask about a project I’d helped him with (and to check up on me). I sent a reply but didn’t get to read his subsequent response until just now. He said he was glad that things were going well, and he closed his email with a statement that really resonated in me: You deserve to love your job.

It’s been over a year since I got my first taste of Kitchen Life and nearly a year since I chose to pursue this as a career, making what could arguably be one of the biggest decisions of my life (so far). It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows – there’s the physical exertion and emotional stress, and worst of all, sacrificing evenings and Saturdays with Honey Bunny. But working with food, creating dishes to bring joy to people… it feels so rewarding. I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, and that means that for now, I have to be working when “normal” people are going out. I have moments when I feel envious of my friends with 9-5 jobs who have time for their hobbies, loved ones, friends, weekend events… in fact, you know what I really miss? Happy Hour!

But someday, someday I’ll have a brigade of my own in the kitchen of a Michelin starred restaurant. They’ll be calling me “Chef” and it will make all of this worthwhile.

(Just some thoughts in lieu of my normal, boring update. But in case you were curious, today was slow. Very slow.)

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